Sleep apnea, snoring, narcolepsy, insomnia and other sleep disorders home about us what sets us apart sleep disorders: what to know sleep disorder indicators getting help encourage others to get help if past treatments failed you... canada drug stores viagra For referring physicians for health care professionals for medical specialists for employers new treatments and advances links to other sites schedule an appointment contact us idiopathic hypersomnia page 1 of 2   many e-mail letters received have involved questions about this diagnosis. canada drug stores viagra What is it? How is it diagnosed? buy viagra in the united states What should patients know about it? This diagnosis can be explained as follows: one could be chronically sleepy for one or both of the following reasons: 1. There is something wrong with sleep that makes it non-refreshing. buy generic viagra 2. There is a problem with the brain mechanisms which normally should keep one alert (whether caused by primary problems within the brain or its chemistry, or by other factors (such as sedating medications or thyroid problems). The most common causes of severe sleepiness beginning or progressively worsening in adults are sleep apnea and related breathing disorders during sleep. If the problem instead is a primary disorder of brain chemistry, narcolepsy is the leading diagnosis. canada drug stores viagra As outlined elsewhere on this web site, people with narcolepsy are diagnosed either by a clear-cut history of their having had cataplexy, or via their demonstrating rem sleep in two or more daytime naps on a multiple sleep latency test. purchase viagra online without prescription (the latter test is not 100% reliable, since some patients with classic narcolepsy may not demonstrate rem sleep during any of the naps on a given day, simply by chance). cheapest generic super viagra -idiopathic hypersomnia (or hypersomnolence. Generic viagra australia paypal As it has been called) is a diagnosis applied to people who are excessively sleepy--but not because there is anything apparently wrong with their sleep, and not because of narcolepsy or any other identifiable cause. It is basically a diagnosis of exclusion: one that is made by excluding all other possible diagnoses. Where to buy viagra in japan -idiopathic is a more dignified way of saying that we don't know exactly what causes the problem. womens viagra trial -hypersomnia is not the commonest diagnosis... viagra discount But it is not rarely made, either. where to buy viagra safely -hypersomnia does not appear to be one single entity. Various abnormalities of brain chemistry have been suggested in studies of such patients or suspected as being potential causes. viagra 20 mg wiki The brain is complex to the point that there would be many different possible ways to impair alertness. What are three common features of patients diagnosed with idiopathic hypersomnia? taking low dose viagra 1. cheapest viagra price People given this diagnosis are likely to sleep for long periods of time without feeling refreshed. Viagra how many times per day They often do not feel any better after taking naps. viagra buy online without prescription It has been said that a history of not feeling refreshed after. viagra for men for sale generic viagra cheap